Hone Your Driving Skills in Point Pleasant, NJ

Turn to our experts when you need driving lessons

When you need a little guidance before getting on the road, trust A+ Driving School in Point Pleasant, NJ. We offer driving lessons for anyone over the age of 16, including adults. We'll customize your drive time depending on your needs so you can get back on the road safely.

Schedule your behind-the-wheel driving course by calling 732-899-7001 now.

Providing the lessons you need

Everyone deserves to drive with confidence, so we're glad to help all future drivers. You may need our driving lessons if:

  • You're a new driver
  • You've lost your license
  • You're uncomfortable behind the wheel

Whether you need to take lessons to get your license back after an accident, or you want to prep for retaking your road test, you can turn to us. We'll make sure you're ready for the road ahead with our behind-the-wheel driving course. Email us today for more information on our lessons.